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Welcome to Healthwise Bakery, the original health-focused bakery in Pompano, Florida!

Our family started baking in the 1980s with regular baked goods. With time, the demand for healthy diet products and a more nutritional consciousness for people with diabetes arose. In 2001, our journey started when we reformed our recipes and reinvented ourselves.

In 2003, we were able to craft the first zero-net-carb bread in the U.S. Unfortunately, to patent and protect our recipes, it would require a revenue of a multi-billion global brand and an army of lawyers to protect our formulas, Recipes can be altered by adding one minuscule ingredient, which will no longer be the same recipe in any court of law. We at HealthWise Bakery pride ourselves on doing our best to ensure our bread products have no chemicals or GMOs and to guarantee not to raise your blood sugar, unlike other brands.

Most of our competitors can make zero-net-carb bread by duplicating our ingredients and nutrition facts from our labels. The easiest way anyone can test a zero-net-carb bread would be by a diabetic customer. A healthy individual will not notice a spike in their blood sugar, on the other hand, a diabetic person will immediately detect a rise in their blood sugar. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t use chemically modified ingredients or chemicals to lengthen the shelf life or freshness.

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The Original
Zero Net-Carb Bread

Our zero net carb bread is a customer favorite as it’s perfect for those following a low-carb or keto diet. And don’t worry, our zero net carb bread still tastes like real bread! It’s delicious toasted with butter or used for sandwiches.

The original formula uses all-natural ingredients that will not increase a diabetic’s blood sugar. In fact, we are so sure of this that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

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Our Bakery

At Healthwise Bakery, we take pride in using only the best all-natural and freshest ingredients produced in a state-of-the-art and incredibly spotless clean bakery. Our products are available to wholesale customers, so if you’re a business owner looking for healthy baked goods to sell, we’d love to work with you!

Thank you for considering Healthwise Bakery for your healthy baked goods needs. We’re proud to be the original health-focused bakery in Pompano and look forward to serving you!

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